Would you like to improve your website?

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If you are looking for any help on any of our web services please contact us today.

Would you like to update your website yourself?

We can provide advice and training based on your existing website and we can give you the guidance and confidence you need so you can save money and do it yourself.

We can also provide simple solutions so you can manage your website without having to pay someone else. That's only if you want to do that.

Search engines

Every website we create, we ensure that it is submitted to the top search engines such as Google search and Bing search.

We submit your website page links to these services so they know your site exists.

We create a simple site map for every website we create and pass the details over to the search engine companies so your website can be visible in search results.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google

Social media integrations.

We can take the links for your social networks such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Instagram, Slideshare, and more.

We can add the social media icons to your web pages so people can follow and share your web pages and images.

We can also set your web pages up so your viewers can see how many people like your website using the different social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, not forgetting Google Plus which is an important factor for appearing in search results.

Websites that work for mobile phones and tablet computers

Every website we develop are desktop, mobile and tablet friendly.

responsive website image

A 'responsive' website means that the website can be viewed on most smartphones and tablet screens.

The presentation of the web pages display the text and images automatically without the end user having to zoom in or scroll around, so everything is presented nicely whatever the device, phone or computer screen.

The image above with the blue and grey rectangles represents how a responsive website would display blocks of images and text based on different types of screen.

Contact us today for more information on responsive websites.

I really don’t like my website

If you don't like your website or the services you are getting for the money you are paying out, contact us today so we can get a better understanding on what you really want and need.

Update your own website

We can set you up so you can update your website whenever you want and eliminate the need for a developer to do your work for you.

We can also offer training and technical support in order to do so.

For more information contact us today.

Website hosting costs

Did you know you can pay as little as £2.99 a month for 2 Gigabytes of online storage for your web pages, images and documents, that's a huge amount of content.

If you are paying more than £2.99 a month for a small website ( approx 50 pages ) then you have the opportunity to save some money.

Contact us so we can help steer you into a more clearer and simpler direction, and save you money.

User friendly websites

We create clean, accessible and user friendly websites.

We take into consideration the different ways people use to view your website.

We only develop websites that can be viewed by everyone, this means that we develop our websites so that people with disabilities can view them too, without experiencing any problems.